Morning all!

I hope you’re all having a great weekend. I’m currently sat on a train back to London from Bath after an amazing day spent with my mentor and colleagues (more on that another day!).

Today is all about a couple of friends of mine called Keris & Matt. These guys run Fitter Food and penned the brilliant recipe book The Paleo Primer which I highly recommend – many of you already own a copy! These guys are a really inspiring couple and I owe an awful lot to them in helping me develop into the person and Fitness Professional I am today.

In November they’re running a Fitter Food Academy Event right here in Greenwich. Similar to my day yesterday, this is a fantastic opportunity to really get into the right mindset to achieve your goals, and see some fantastic experts in their field talk about health and fitness.

Here is what Keris & Matt have planned for the day:

“We’ll be covering a range of essential health topics including emotional eating, fertility nutrition, strength training for women, how to evolve your nutrition, guidance from a Primal GP, boosting body confidence and injury healing and prevention. The team is all set to take you from average to awesome, this is not to be missed!”

It’s on the 21st November at The University of Greenwich,

Click here for more details and the full agenda and info on the other guest speakers.

To to book your place for the 21st November simply click here, and I’ll see you there!