A training package designed specifically for stay at home parents

Train 2 or 3 times a week in convenient 6 week blocks

Access support, workouts and nutritional guidance across the holidays

Discover how to cook quick & easy meals the whole family will love

Work with our expert Personal Training team for less than £20 an hour

All in our private studio with like minded, supportive people

What is Term Time Training?


  • 6 week training blocks to coincide with school term dates
  • Workout straight after the school run in our private studio
  • Get help with your nutrition, sleep and stress management
  • Work with our expert Personal Training team 2 or 3 times a week
  • Train in a small group with other like-minded parent

About Greenwich Training

After 10 years of delivering home and park Personal Training sessions in the area, we opened our studio doors in January 2016 with the motivation to be the antidote to modern health clubs and gyms. Our private studio in the heart of Greenwich offers a welcoming and fun environment, with our experienced and supportive team immediately putting you at ease and allowing you to focus on getting the most out of every workout. If you’ve had enough of slogging away for underwhelming results in overcrowded gyms then we can promise a breath of fresh air, unrivalled support and incredible results.

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I joined Greenwich Training a few months ago and it has made a big difference to how I feel. It has given me lots more energy to keep up with my daughter! I feel stronger and I’m finally starting to fit in my old clothes again! Ian and the team are amazing, more than a gym – it’s a community of people helping each other to feel their best. The personal attention, nutrition and support has been a great help to keep me motivated and achieve my goals. I have just finished my first program and I’m looking forward to the next!


Joining Greenwich Training has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve always hated exercise and dreaded the gym. Greenwich Training has a really supportive atmosphere with dedicated and friendly staff. They support you with your goals and having a named trainer who checks in with you weekly has really helped me. In 3 months I’ve gone from someone struggling with my body confidence and a weak shoulder after surgery to 2 stone lighter, a dress size smaller, stronger and the happiest I’ve been with my body for years. Thank you GT!


I LOVE this place – the trainers push you and the training is varied. It’s not just about exercise but about making positive changes all round including diet – the recipes are awesome. There’s an online group to swap ideas on healthy eating and training, and just for motivation. They don’t just take your money and leave you ticking over – the whole team is super supportive, super down to earth and the format means you can make long-term changes for the better, they will equip you with the tools to get results and you WILL get results – my motto now is WWID (What Would Ian Do 😉😉😉).


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