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Ian owner of Greenwich Training
Our founder

Ian Male

Ian founded GT with a simple vision – a gym based around a supportive community, underpinned by an experienced, relatable team of coaches. A space where people could come together to work on improving both their physical and mental health, where they felt they could be themselves, relax and have fun. Basically the polar opposite of most big gyms! Ian’s passion for helping people to realise the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves has fuelled the development of GT into the truly unique place it is today.

Our coaches

Kathryn coach at Greenwich Training


I love chocolate brownies and still harbour aspirations to be an astronaut. I have sore hamstrings and I get a lot of stitches when running. I’ve been gluten free since before it was cool. I love empowering people to discover what their bodies are capable of.

Perry coach at Greenwich Training


Pez for short, I love dishing out a good burpee. Having recently renovated my house I’m now GT’s resident DIY expert, for my sins I support Chelsea (with a side of West Ham) and have a mild man crush on Captain America. With over a decade’s experience in strength and conditioning, I’ve coached everyone from dragon boat teams to triathletes, and everything in between.

Eilidh coach at Greenwich Training


I must be likeable because Ian lets me stay despite flirting with veganism. I’m Scottish. My name is hard to spell and say, I’ve got sick dance skills and I have a healthy obsession with Beyonce. I specialise in helping people move well and stay supple, as well as pre & post natal…and the occasional themed dance workouts!

Laura coach at Greenwich Training


GT’s resident disco lover, I turned my attention to coaching after first picking up a degree in psychology, giving me a uniquely qualified expertise with behaviour change . I’m pretty handy with a bass guitar and a barbell – my spirit exercise is a deadlift – and my flat has a porthole which I like to gaze out of whilst reading dystopian literature.

Jem coach at Greenwich Training


After working as a Wing Chun and Mixed Martial Artist for over a decade – Ian keeps threatening to buy me some Ip Man pyjamas – I decided to complete the level 3 Personal Training diploma. Despite being pretty useful in a dust up I’m the most well-mannered and approachable coach you could wish to meet, blending bodyweight and calisthenics to create a potent brand of training.

Victor coach at Greenwich Training


The gentle giant, I also go by the name of Queen V and I love a Turkish Get Up. I always order the worst thing in restaurants, and I’m personally responsible for at least 20 people completing Tough Mudder due to my exceptionally long arms. I specialise in corrective exercise and injury rehabilitation.

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