Forget the 3 second rule, this is the 3 minute rule…

I hope you all had a great Bank Holiday weekend, managed to get some downtime and are now feeling refreshed and ready to face the working week.

Bank holidays rock, no doubt, but I do find there is one downside to having an extra day away from work – it makes it harder to get back to your daily grind, to get yourself out of bed and back into “work mode”.

And in my experience, this usually means the first thing to go out the window is the first workout of the week. You can usually find an excuse, something along the lines of…

“I usually exercise on a Monday then have Tuesday off”
“My body needs an extra day to get back into the swing of things”

No those all sound very reasonable, but the sad fact is that if you skip a workout at the start of the week, you’re way less likely to do anything, all week!

So here is a little trick to get you back in the groove .

Simply promise yourself you’ll do the first 3 minutes of a workout.

Just 3 minutes, and after 3 minutes if you’re not feeling it then you can give yourself permission to stop, to get on with checking those your emails – those showbiz updates aren’t going to read themselves, are they?!

And do you know what you’ll find? After just 3 minutes your mindset flips and you’ll end up finished the workout. Worst case scenario you don’t, but at least you’ll have done 3 minutes more than nothing!

Now this technique doesn’t just work with workouts, it can be used for pretty much anything you’re putting off. Procrastination can be a real time-waster, so nip it in the bud and try the 3 minute rule. First with your workout, then maybe with that bit of DIY you’ve been putting off, or that report that should’ve been finished last week, or that massive pile of washing – anything!

Ian “3-minute” Male

Ps. Yes I know how that sounds, I did it deliberately.

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