Going the extra mile

One of my clients has a target date coming up – a holiday, and he/she wants to look and feel amazing when they walk out on the beach. For the sake of simplicity let’s give them a name……..


Exotic, isn’t it.

Esmerelda wants to be confident enough to strut out there past the loungers, and just concentrate on relaxing and having fun. We’ve been working together for a while now, and old Esme has already achieved some great results, through plenty of hard graft and discipline.

That said, the dreaded plateau appeared to be setting in a few weeks ago, so we had a little chat – little chats are very important – and it quickly became clear that the plateau was a result of a gentle relaxing brought on by the sense of achievement. An extra cocktail here (Esme LOVES a caipirinha, I imagine), a second helping of that delicious parmigiana – is anyone else getting hungry?! Now I would have no problem with this, IF Esmerelda had reached her end goal. Once you get there you can indulge every so often without going backwards. But change requires stimulus, it requires discipline. Just by talking through it Esme came to the conclusion that if she wanted to lose those last few stubborn inches, she would have to knuckle down and drop the treats for the next 5 weeks.

She realised something crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle – you get out what you put in. And no matter what excuses you make to yourself, or how you justify the skipped workout or “cheat meal”, the numbers – or your reflection – don’t lie.

So at the risk of giving her an inflated ego, Esme really is the kind of person that I enjoy working with, the model client. The kind of person who is open to new ideas and methods, of putting their doubts aside and taking action. This mindset is GOLDEN for getting results, especially with health, fitness and lifestyle.

You’re reading this because you care about your health, which is awesome. Now it’s time for the next step.


As informative as my ramblings are, they are not going to get you results. So take the next step, stop putting it off and take action. Commit to eating healthily for the next week. Commit to going for a run or making it to yoga class this week. Or really commit, and book your free place on one of our GroupFit sessions, or a free consultation with one of our Personal Training team. Yep that’s right, they’re all free to get started, so you’re all out of excuses.

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We’re all rather lovely, and we love helping people just like you. So get in touch today, I promise you won’t regret it!



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