Leave Oscar the Grouch & Andy Murray alone

Do you remember Oscar the Grouch?He was a character on Sesame Street, grumpiest little guy ever. Not without reason either, poor sod lived in a bin and was hounded by irritating children all day.Then along came Andy Murray, and he out-grumped Oscar.

And unless you yourself have been living in a bin with the lid firmly closed, you will no doubt have noticed that Wimbledon is upon us once more. And so begins one of the most conflicted fortnights of my year.

See I don’t like Andy Murray very much. But I do respect him, and I’ll be cheering him on to go and win Wimbledon again.

The man seems incredibly grumpy, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why. But that is beside the point. He doesn’t turn up to SW19 to make nice, he’s there to play tennis, something he is undeniably brilliant at, and I like that.

The guy has worked incredibly hard and made tough choices to get where he is.

When Andy Murray was growing up there were no truly great British tennis players (Henman was a nice guy, but not a great) and there hadn’t been since Mr Perry. So at 15 years old he made a tough choice, to ignore the LTA’s wishes and jet off to Barcelona to train at a swanky academy recommended by a young lad you may have heard of called Rafael Nadal.

The training he did there was hard, four hours of striking the ball every day rather than around the four hours a week he was used to. Intense conditioning and strengthening exercise which he’d never been subjected to before. They whipped him into shape and the rest is tennis history.

So if you sit down to watch him at any point over the next couple of weeks, it’s worth remembering that hard work.

If you want to get results, you need to make hard choices.

Painful choices.

Same goes for you guys. Getting fitter, losing weight, it isn’t easy. It requires tough decisions and dedication from you in order to see real changes.

Andy lives a charmed life, but in my eyes he’s earned it. So forgive him his grouchy demeanour and on-court hissy fits and focus instead on how he got there.

Let the grouchy bugger remind you that if you do the work, the results will follow.

And if you do decide it’s time to make a change, you know where I am.



PS. Enjoy the tennis, Novak today (another walking talking advert for healthy eating and the paleo framework), Oscar the Grouch tomorrow.

PPS. For any budding tennis players out there, I’ll be serving an ace of an exercise programme to help you improve on court your way later this week, stay posted!

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