Something I have to tell you…

So I had something lined up this evening about the start of spring.

A great chance to make a fresh start, blah blah blah.

Then this landed in my inbox from one of our lovely clients Andreja…

Dear Ian,

It’s been a year since I joined GT – my longest relationship apart from the one with my husband ; ) – but most certainly the longest I’ve ever stuck to working out.

I bought many memberships in the past but, as many Mondays I’ve started, there were just as many Tuesdays I’ve given up.

When I first decided to join GT I wanted to lose weight and have more energy.

Well a year on I’ve achieved all that and so much more.

First of all my priorities have changed: losing weight is not in a first place anymore (although I have lost inches and my body is definitely way more toned and stronger), my anxiety is under control.

I am not as good with the food part as I would like to be but I’m getting better, have more energy and feel much better about myself.

Just the other day my daugter said: “When you come from training in the morning you are not cranky”

I think that is an awesome achievement: not to ruin your child’s day with nagging.

One of the reasons I like it so much are the trainers.

They make you feel like you are meeting a friend but still totally professional…just with a personal touch.

They are all so good but yet so different:

His workouts are not easy at all but he ‘kills’ you with a smile on his face, he is calm and always in a good mood – just what you need on Monday morning.

No doubt his workouts can be really tough – but that is what I’ve signed up for. Apart from that because of Richard I understand British humor a little better (still don’t get everything though) and I like that he is a little cheeky – Wednesday workouts fly by in a second!

Now that is how you finish a week…Perry is serious and calm. When he says “really?” you know to put down the 8kg kettlebell, not say anything but just grab a 12…and you know he is right!

I’ve only had a few sessions with Sarah and she is just such a ray of sunshine, full of energy and she makes you sweat a lot! I also think she is a great antidote to all of you boys.

And last but not least there is you Ian: you were the one that got me through first few weeks. My first week I was walking up the stairs like a crab –sideways! My colleague at work said “she will not last long” and she would usually be right…just not this time!

I also appreciate that you are so flexible, without that I couldn’t stay for a year. I know I am driving you and Katherine crazy with my traveling but I am really appreciative (another one coming up in 2 weeks).

I always hated when people said to me “If I can do it so can you” because you people don’t know me! You don’t know that I have no willpower, no discipline and I don’t have any time – I have a child and work and I am just so busy, plus the gym is not fun…how don’t you get it?!?!?

Well you know what? After a year I’m now the one saying “If I can do it, anybody can!”

And this gym IS fun!

All you busy people please don’t hate me for saying that!

Ian thank you for everything!

Now these days it’s very trendy to focus on short term transformations, on weight loss or dropped inches.

And that’s all good.

But do you know what?

I’d prefer the above feedback any day of the week.

Because this is the kind of transformation which truly lasts a lifetime.

Yes Andreja lost inches.

Yes Andreja’s more toned, fitter and stronger.

But more importantly, she’s tackled her anxiety issues, built a routine that works for her, and learned that exercise and living a healthy lifestyle can actually be fun.

So if you’re feeling like Andreja did last year, and you’d like to change things, for good?

Just click here and book yourself a free consultation.

Just like Andreja did.


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