What is a macrophobe?

A macrophobe is someone who is afraid of waiting for a long time, or queuing.

I heard the other day that Pure Gym in Greenwich has 7000 members.


That is a lot of people in a relatively small space, and these days most gyms have a lot more members than they can actually handle. Along with January, this pre-summer period is one of the times when a lot of “sleeping members” come out of the woodwork and venture back for the first time since they signed up last September.

This means queueing. At the gym. It takes all your willpower to get there, only to have to wait in line for a piece of equipment, then find it covered in the sweat of the previous 3 people.

Grim times.

In that scenario, you’ve got two options:

Skip the gym, and the queues, and email me to arrange a free taster session, where we can explore the best techniques and exercises to get you the results you’re really after. I offer home, park or studio training solutions so you don’t have to brave the rain to work with me.

[email protected]

Below is a quick and compact workout for you to try which should mean no excuses, and no hanging around on the gym floor…you might even get ahead of the queue for the showers!

Perform each circuit 2-3 times, 30 seconds per exercise, resting for a maximum of 90 seconds before moving onto the next circuit. All in you should be done in under half an hour, and you just need a mat. Job done!

Circuit 1
Hip bridge
Air squats
Kimura sit up
Circuit 2
Press up/knee press up
Side lunge (right side)
Side lunge (left side)
Floor tricep dips
Circuit 3
Mountain climbers
Side plank (right side)
Side plank (left side)
Alternating reverse lunges
Finish off with some gentle stretches.

Any questions on any of these feel free to ask away. Good luck in the jungle-gym tomorrow!
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