Where’s summer gone?

Here’s a 20 minute home workout to get you up and running.

I’m running out of dry clothes after a lot of soggy park sessions over the least few days. And when the weather is like it has been (although the sun appears to be back today), it’s all too easy to let your good intentions slide and skip that morning run. You’ll go tomorrow, right?


But fear not, here is a quick and easy 20 minute total body, equipment free workout that you can do at home. It’ll give you a great metabolic boost that lasts all day, improve your enemy levels and give you a massive smug grin as you waltz through your day happy in the knowledge that you’ve already hit your exercise quota.

20 Minute Home Workout

2 x circuits – each with 2 exercises.
Do each circuit 3 times round, no breaks.
Do 40 seconds of each exercise to 20 seconds rest.

Circuit 1
Alternating reverse lunges
Press ups (full, knee, box, doesn’t matter as long as you’re working hard!)

Circuit 2
Prisoner squats (add a jump to really up the difficulty)
Cobra with hold

Circuit 3

Finish up with some light stretches.


Simple. Now go do it. No excuses, just get it done…

…why are you still sitting there?

If you struggle to motivate yourself then why not find out more about what we do – we’ll happily give you a gentle kick up the bum and get you on the path to achieving your goals.

Whatever you’re up to, go have an amazing weekend.

Ian “drop and give me 20 (minutes)” Male

Ps. We’re having a proper Greenwich day today, round the market and the park – last weekend in our current house so making the most of it!
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