This detox will change your life in 7 days

So today is blue Monday.

The most depressing day of the year.

No one has any money, everyone’s packed in their new year resolutions, and the long, bleak year of 2017 stretches out ahead of us.

Blimey, just typing that last sentence made me feel a bit down.

And if that’s all you read, all you see, all you hear, all day?

Well there’s really no surprise you’re struggling to muster up a smile.

In the face of relentless negativity it can become a tall order to stay positive.

And if that’s something you struggle with, might I suggest a detox rather different from the ones being peddled everywhere this last fortnight.

This one is far more potent and far more effective.

(and far easier than feeding yourself on rabbit food or astronaut powder)

Why not try…

…a digital detox.

Yep, you heard me. 7 days without any of the needless crap we all use to fill up every spare second of our lives.

Anything to escape being present in the moment.

And I include myself in that statement, I’m guilty of it too.

Reading my emails while I’m walking along.

Checking my instagram while I’m eating.

Whether you like it or not, it affects your mindset, it affects your outlook.

It makes you naturally fearful, nervous, distrusting, and constantly afraid.

Now that can have a profound effect on your hormones as well.

Just a few weeks ago we found it cuts your life expectancy.

And even worse, it affects the decisions you make.

You cancel social events because it’s raining.

You skip gym visits because you’re worried about what other people might think of you.

Sometimes it’s tough just to get out of bed in the mornings.

And you eat food that you know is bad for you, to make yourself feel better.

Sound familiar?

Then don’t you think it might be worth giving it a try?

You’ve got nothing to lose, it’s completely free.

So challenge yourself. Delete your social media apps and listen to some new music.

Skip the morning paper and pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read.

Be happy to spend some time with yourself, or to appreciate everything around you.

If nothing else, it will make you aware of how much it controls you.

How often you feel the niggling urge to get your phone out.

And that alone can be quite an eye-opener.

It will reduce your stress levels, meaning less cortisol in your system.

Yep, that’s the hormone that, when we have to much of it, promotes the storage of fat and prevents us breaking it down as well.

You’ll also be able to focus better and be more productive at work.

It’ll be easier to relax and enjoy the company of those you care about.

So really, what’s stopping you?

7 days.

I dare you.

See you on the other side ????


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