How to win every day

Today didn’t start too well for me. The 5:32am train from Greenwich to my first session was cancelled, leading to a magical journey of discovery taking in Deptford, Lewisham, Blackheath, Waterloo and Southwark before finally arriving at London Bridge too late to fit a decent session in.

It really wound me up. I hate being late at the best of times but this was my only session of the morning so I had missed reading to my son when he woke up – my favourite time!

So I headed over to a coffee shop to get some admin stuff done (including getting started on writing this), seriously considering swapping out my usual black american for a cinnamon latte and a sugary pastry.

On the way I happened to walk past a huge collection of flowers and tributes to a young man who died last week, apparently trying to break up an argument.

Altogether a grim business, apologies for bringing it up, but it put things into perspective for me, hopefully it can do the same for you.

We lead busy, stressful lives, and yet every day we allow the smallest things to wind us up, get under our skin and affect us far more than it should. So I ordered my black coffee, sat down and decided to try something different for a few weeks.

Every day I’m going to write down 5 “wins” I’ve had. No matter how small they are. 5 wins a day means 35 wins a week. That is a whole lot of wins.

Here are my 5 wins for today

  1. Spent a couple of hours with my family in Greenwich Park
  2. Squeezed a quick work-out in at home
  3. Archie had a daytime nap – a rare occurrence – giving us some time to relax
  4. Did some functional interval sprints between stations and platforms this morning – how’s that for turning a negative into a positive?!
  5. Convinced the wife to watch Justified rather than Made in Chelsea – I prefer cowboys to cows

Hardly the most exciting list in the world, but I’m not doing it for anyone else’s benefit.

My daily list of wins aren’t going up on Facebook for anyone else to judge (apart from this one of course!), they are for me and me only.

To put things into perspective and remind me how lucky I am.

I’ll let you know how it goes, but why not give it a try yourself. What are your 5 wins today?

Be happy and remember how lucky you are.

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