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I hope you’re all having an amazing time eating delicious food and making new memories with people you love.

Today we move onto another tradition – the Boxing Day sales.

Most of you reading this will probably be planning on (if you haven’t already) spending some of your hard-earned dollar today.

But just cool your jets for a second.

(Get ready for the truth bombs…)

Is that new gadget really going to improve your life?

Do you really need more clothes?

Is your New Years resolution going to be to watch tv in even more stunning clarity?

Or to add some new signature pieces to your already burgeoning wardrobe?

I doubt it.

So today, I’m suggesting you invest in things that move you towards those goals you’re about to set, rather than further away.

New gadgets that make the sofa even more tempting for those long January evenings.

New clothes to mask your lack of confidence.

This might be a little too much for boxing day, but I’m just trying to help, and if this is hitting a nerve…ask yourself why?

You need to be honest with yourself – are these purchases papering over the cracks?

Now I’m not necessarily saying come and join Greenwich Training, there are loads of things you could do…

Maybe you’d like to travel more – book a holiday.

Perhaps you’ve wanted to learn a new skill – book a course.

Could be you’re after a change of job – go hire a kick-ass recruitment consultant.

BUT don’t spend your money on things that make you feel good short-term.

Instead, invest in something that scares you and will improve things long-term.

And if the thought of working with a trainer to finally take control of your health and fitness scares the bejesus out of you, book a consultation with us today and let’s do this!

Ian “Truth-Bomber” Male

Head Coach
Greenwich Training
T: 02038746626
E: [email protected]

PS. Not sure if we’ll cut the mustard? Click here to have watch and read some testimonials from our clients and see for yourself. Happy Boxing Day!

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