We’ve Moved!

So after 5 years, this weekend (soon to be slightly less little) family moved to a new home.

We’ve not moved far, but inevitably when getting organised you start to go through all the “stuff” you’ve accumulated. Bags and bags of this “stuff” gets sold, freecycled, recycled and ebay-ed (is that how you spell that?!).

You get cut-throat, things that you’d never normally think to get rid of are ruthlessly tossed aside, and you start to realise that a lot of the stuff which has been cluttering up your home, you haven’t used or seen for well over a year.

When push comes to shove, there’s a fair bit of it you just don’t need.

I think our lives are the same. Over the years we accumulate hobbies, activities, relationships and habits. Obviously a lot of these are incredibly precious, but if we’re honest with ourselves quite a few of these things aren’t necessarily doing us or our health any good.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying a weekly catch up with friends at the pub isn’t good for you, as it can help you forget the stresses of work etc. BUT perhaps if you really analyse it you might find you’ll benefit from trimming down what you commit to and taking a little more time for yourself and the things and people that matter.

I’m not just talking about exercise and cooking good quality food from scratch, but they are both major components of what helps us lead happy, healthy lives, reducing the impact of stress and reducing the risk of all manner of ills.

So if you think you could use some extra “me-time” then get in touch to apply for your FREE Transformation Session tonight, and if successful we will help you plot your route from where you are now, to where you want to be.


Have a great Sunday evening everyone, I’m going to crack on with the unpacking…

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