What can you do in 90 days?


Short and sweet one for you tonight.

I’ve just jumped off our first Q&A in our revamped free Facebook group, I had a blast and we covered loads of interesting stuff – if you didn’t catch it I’ll post a link at the bottom of this.

A lot of people ask us why our packages and programmes are a minimum of 3 months in length.

There are loads of reasons why, and they’re all based on research around forming habits and creating lasting changes – we don’t deal in fads here 😉

But another question people ask, is what results can I get in 3 months?

Well, the lovely Katy has just finished her 3 month transformation programme with us…

Wanna see how she got on and the awesome results she achieved?



Pretty great right?

Yay for Katy I say.

Hopefully that will inspire you to start something you’ve been putting off, don’t let your fears dictate your actions – go make it happen!

Have a great end to the week,

Ian “Q&A” Male

Ps. If you’re interested in watching the live Q&A from earlier, click here to catch up.


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