It’s pancake day already? Well that creped up on us

Strong, solid pun to kick off the pancake day celebrations!

Solid pun to kick off the pancake day celebrations!

No rants this evening, no advice or motivational chat.

Just the answer to the question I just know you wanted to ask me…

Is it possible to make a healthy-ish pancake that doesn’t taste like arse?

And the answer is YES!

I reckon we’ve cracked it this year with these nice fluffy american style pancakes, so hit the link at the bottom to grab the recipe

If you’re wondering what makes a good topping that won’t ruin all your good intentions, here are a few suggestions:

1. For the sweet toothed – Melted dark chocolate and fried banana slices
2. To warm the cockles – Diced apple with cinnamon
3. For the old schoolers – lemon juice and a dusting of xylitol

They all sound pretty stonking to me.

If you struggle to come up with healthy recipes then perhaps it’s about time you check out our free Facebook group, where I post a brand new recipe every single week, as well as a quick and simple video workout AND a Live Q&A where I will answer any questions you might have.

Sound good? Click here or head to the following link and ask to join and we’ll get you sorted.

And here is the link for those dee-licious pancakes! Just click, download and get flipping!

Give me dem pancakes Ian!

Hope to see you in the facebook group, have a great night and enjoy yourself tomorrow.


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