Rihanna’s Omelette

So I’m idly flicking through the Evening Standard – there isn’t enough room on the train to breathe deeply let alone get to my backpack for the kindle – and what do I see but a woman wearing an omelette.

A big, yellow omelette.

With some lovely gold detailing I’ll grant you, but it is definitely an omelette. The woman was Rihanna, and apparently social media agreed with me as that dress has since been the subject of many an amusing meme (is that the right term?!) over the last 48 hours. But it got me thinking.

Even Rihanna is failing to make omelettes sexy*.

I think they’ve had a hard time of it. Omelettes are awesome. Perhaps not as evening wear, but as a quick and easy meal or snack it doesn’t get much better, easier or healthier. Eggs have had a bad rap in the past when fats and cholesterol were demonised, then old Edwina stuck the boot in which didn’t help either.

Worry not though guys, the fats in them eggs are GOOD fats. The kind that make you healthy and slim, not the sort that clog up your arteries. Incidentally, you’ll find more of those types in sugar-laden store-bought cereals. Also, it turns out the cholesterol thing was nonsense as well – eggs have absolutely no effect on your body’s levels.

What they do have is

  • Tonnes of healthy antioxidants
  • Loads of high quality protein
  • Iron, phosphorous, selenium (all golden, like that lining)
  • Vitamins A, B12, B2 and B5
  • Choline – which is massively important for making your noggin tick

Sidenote here: make sure you always buy grass-fed, organic eggs. There IS a difference in the nutrition present, and there is a difference in the the chemicals absent.

So if you’re someone who sidesteps on eggs in favour of granola or porridge, give eggs in general, and more specifically omelettes another chance. When accompanied by some fish or meat and veg, they are the perfect meal to start your day. Or if you’re struggling for inspiration and fancy taking things to the next level, check out my favourite omelette and frittata recipes – the Full English is pretty incredible!
Click here to download a PDF of the recipes
Disclaimer: one of these is technically a frittata, but as far as I’m concerned that is just a thick omelette, so I’m including it. So there.

So go on, tomorrow morning swap out the cereals or toast for the humble omelette. For more help with what you should and shouldn’t be eating, whether it be to lose or gain weight, improve your energy levels, or just to improve your overall health, get in touch and book a free consultation by emailing me at:

[email protected]

Have a great evening,

Ian “Egg-Breaker” Male

Oh go on then, a couple of amusing edits of Rihanna and her wacky omelette dress.

omelette, nutrition, healthOmelette, nutrition, health
* In my humble opinion.

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