Why you shouldn’t aim to transform your body

This is Lauren. Lauren got married on Saturday.

– and the rain stayed away just long enough, hurrah! –

Congrats Lauren!

So I thought today was the perfect time to share Lauren’s story with you.

Because Lauren epitomises what we’re all about.

The two photos above are taken a year apart.

12 months.

Not 12 weeks.

Now your reaction to that might be…

“There are waaaay more dramatic before and afters”

“I’ve seen better transformations in 12 weeks, let alone 12 months”

“Why isn’t she in her pants and bra?”

But then ask yourself this.

Do you want to transform:

A. Your body
B. Your mindset

Which one is more important to you?

And if your answer is your body…

…I’m going to be honest with you here…

…you’re on a long, difficult road full of disappointment and resentment.

Because if you’re not in the right mindset, then you will never be happy.

You might achieve an incredible physique, be “cover ready”

But you probably won’t maintain it for longer than a couple of weeks.

And if you do, chances are you still won’t like what you see in the mirror.

BUT if you prioritise correcting your mindset,

Striking a balance that works for you,

Focus on taking a sensible and measured approach towards your health.

Then you will transform BOTH.

Yes you will be stronger and fitter.

You will have glowing skin, more energy and you can say goodbye to those mood swings ????

Yes you will look more toned and be able to wear whatever you want.

But more importantly, you’ll be happy!

You won’t feel like a slave to the gym

You won’t be eating chicken breast and broccoli 5 times a day.

You will appreciate and love what your body is capable of.

You will find a sustainable way to be healthy and happy that fits into your life.

And that is just what Lauren has done.

I guess what l’m trying to say is, sometimes the best transformations take a little longer.

And in a society where we all want everything instantly, sometimes it’s better to take your time.

Like Lauren.

Have a great week folks and remember to find your own path.

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