Struggling To Get To Sleep?

Want to find out how to sleep better in just 24 hours?

I know, I know, it sounds far fetched. But this is the REAL DEAL.

First off I feel it’s important to clarify I have no vested interest in this product and do not stand to make any financial gains as a result of any spike in sales influenced by this post.

I just think it’s all kinds of awesome.

And it works.

I like stuff that works.

You probably do too.

So I thought I’d better spread it like grass fed butter.

What is this magical trick I’ve learned to help improve your kip, both in terms of quality and quantity, more or less INSTANTLY?

– Stop drinking coffee after lunch? It helps, but nope.
– Limit your screen-time before bed? No, although it is helpful.
– No carbs for dinner? Can be beneficial, but not massively effective.
– Lavender spray on your pillow? Smells nice if a bit pungent, but no.
– Deep breathing while lying in bed? Potentially a bit creepy, and again, no.

No, the magical elixir of which I speak, is MAGNESIUM.

A wondrous mineral that most of us are deficient in, but this puppy should be kicking around in over 300 enzymes within your body, generally helping it run a little better.

It helps your muscles relax, it helps you hydrate effectively, it helps with energy production…and, most importantly, it is pretty handy at deactivating adrenaline.

So if you’re low on magnesium, I can guarantee it’s affecting your sleep.

How do you know if you’ve not got enough of it?

Here are some of the most common signs:

– You take forever to nod off
– You get pesky twitches in small muscles, like your eyelids
– Your muscles cramp up fairly often
– Cold hands or feet

How do you boost your magnesium levels?

Magnesium is present in loads of different foods in low levels, particularly spinach, kale, good quality fish and meats. If you’re not already eating that stuff then start, they’re all great for you and will gradually boost your magnesium levels.

BUT to give you the immediate boost and instantly improve your sleep patterns and quality? There is a shortcut.

It’s not a tablet. It’s a spray.

Stay with me here, as this does sound utterly bonkers:

Spray it behind your knees before you go to bed.

Yep. You read it right. Your KNEE PITS.

This often overlooked erogenous zone also doubles as a sneaky way to absorb minerals through your skin straight into your femoral artery and the blood that’s chugging through it.

Meaning just a few minutes after you’ve rubbed it in (legs akimbo, while being eyeballed by your sceptical other half) it’s working it’s magic and reducing synapse activity in your grey matter.

So how much will it cost you?

Surely such a wondrous substance will cost a pretty penny on the open market. £100? £1000? More?

Well hold on to your hats folks – you can get hold of this stuff for the princely sum of £8.39 with free delivery.

So really, I can’t see any reason why you wouldn’t at least give it a try?! I used it every night for over a year before my wife finally stopped mocking me and gave it a try for herself – we now have his and hers bottles on the nightstand!

The only remaining issue is how to apply it.

I personally favour the lying-down-slow-motion-riverdance approach.

Sal opts for the infinitely more sensible (but way less fun) raising-a-leg-whilst-standing approach.

Either one seems to work, so I will leave it to you to be creative with this bit. But if you often find the road to snooze-ville is a little too long and winding, this right here is your sat-nav.

Get involved, and let me know how you get on. If you’d like more help and advice with any other health and fitness related stuff, get in touch and apply for a Free Transformation Session.


Remember, there’s still time to make massive changes before the man in the red suit comes down the chimney.

Have a great weekend, sleep well ; )

Ian “Sand-Man” Male

PS. Nothing here today, but thanks for checking!

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