Summer Time Temptations

Hey guys, Perry here to give you some insight into keeping control of your indulgences during the warmer weather.

Summer is finally here. Whoop whoop!

And if you’re anything like me then you’ll be looking forward to those warm evenings with the BBQ firing, listening to some chilled out music with a drink or two…or three or four!

But can we have too much of a good thing?

I know that British summer is short, and we all love to get outside and make the most of it, whether it’s picnicking, camping or simply grabbing a crate and heading to the park. And with this weekend that has just gone by many of us did just that. I certainly did!

Doing what I do for a living makes me aware that I have a responsibility not to go crazy when I treat myself to the naughty stuff.

I’m sure that I’m not alone when I say this but when the sun is shining I find it much easier to say yes, or why not? or one more won’t hurt!

However, when these days come about, it is important to exercise some degree of self control. Nobody can be perfect 100% of the time and to be honest, who would want to be?

Even as a fitness professional where the majority of my day is working to help people become healthier; sometimes I just fancy a beer! After all I am a human being too and not always a Trainer 24/7!

Life is about enjoying things, and when you deprive yourself totally, the fun can get deprived with it. It’s all about finding the right balance.

So what do we do?

How do you get the best of both worlds? Like I said nobody is perfect but here are some suggestions on how to handle it:

Firstly, preparation goes a long way. If you can get into a routine for planning, prepping and batch cooking meals, then that will help massively.

Secondly, keep consistent with training; if you continually work hard then obviously the treats are not only slightly more acceptable but are twice as satisfying!
If you’ve got both a solid, consistent foundation of nutrition and exercise then you can’t go too wrong. Remember the 80/20% split. If you can consistently hit these margins you’re onto a winner!

As best as you can, try to plan when you are going to have a few drinks, if you’ve got gatherings or social plans then you can work around them to set you up a day of two beforehand. You should drink plenty of water as the booze massively dehydrates you.

Try to consume less carbohydrates on the day because when you drink, the alcohol is converted into sugar in the body. But still eat a decent sized meal before you head out boozing. We don’t want it all going straight to your head and being labelled a lightweight!

And finally, back to keeping control, set yourself a limit on the drinks, and don’t go over it. You could try to alternate between water and alcoholic drinks, therefore pacing yourself and enjoying the night more, not to mention saving a few quid!

We’ve just had a really nice hot weekend, and the pub indeed started to call to me!

Here’s how I kept a a degree of control.

It started on Friday lunchtime. Once I’d finished my sessions I squeezed in some lifts and a hiit circuit of my own, then headed to the Union to meet a client who has been taking a break from training after a period of ill health.

As I was ploughing my way through a fish finger sarnie and bottle of lager (along with some water), I was thinking “I could easily stay here all afternoon!” But by having other appointments in the diary it meant it was strictly have one and done!

Saturday turned out to again be lovely and I did what I’d imagine 90% of the population also did – threw on some shorts and flip flops, dug out the sunnies and headed for the beer garden.

This time my local – The Standard.

It was just me and my fiancée this time, we don’t see much of each other during the week so time together is precious and this could easily be seen as an excuse  to over-indulge.

It’s good for me that she’s not massively into her health and fitness because she helps me unwind and spend a few hours drinking in the sun without my trainer head on.

That said, she supports me and understands that my health is important to me, so doesn’t put any pressure on me or shame me into going too far. Surrounding yourself with people who support you is really important if you’re going to stay on track.

Sunday was again glorious, and we headed over to the ExCel for a wedding fayre (that’s another blog for another time!). After the fayre we could easily have stopped off for a quick drink.

But as we had a few the day before, we decided to exercise some self control and head on home to discuss wedding colours, themes, dresses…in hindisght a big drink would probably have helped me!

So again it’s about balance, allowing yourself the odd treat but not letting yourself go crazy. Exercising self control.

Now, if you find yourself being able to comfortably do this then great.

I find little treats here and there help keep you sane!

On the other hand, if you find you easily control?

If one “treat” always leads to a weekend of excess and a Sunday night promising yourself you’ll start again tomorrow?

If you need to find a way to establish that balance, lead a healthier life without giving up the things you enjoy…

…well then perhaps we could help you!

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Thanks for reading and enjoy the sunshine…

…while it lasts!


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