Time to Get Your Game Face On – It’s Victorian Week…

…and doesn’t she look thrilled.

Week 7 of my badly-thought-out mission to offer you alternatives to the cakes and assorted sugar-laden treats paraded across our goggle-boxes on the Great British Bake Off.

Randomly it appears this week is Victorian week. I have no idea why, maybe it was at Mary’s request – she probably has fond memories of that era (BOOM, ‘ave that Berry!). Upon further inspection I see that one of the things being rustled up this evening is a savoury pie. GREAT news for me as I’ve felt like all I’ve posted recently are cake recipes.

So as I can’t bring myself to recommend a pastry-based pie as super-healthy, here is an open-pie if you will…a casserole basically. Game is a great choice of meat, as it tends to be healthy, grass fed and outdoor reared, meaning you and I get more nutrient dense goodness to work with – and it tastes amazing!

What’s more it’s the perfect easy meal for this weather, you can whack it in your Crockpot (other slow cookers are available but the Crockpot is king in my book) before you go to work and it’ll be waiting for you when you get home, warm, nourishing and comforting.

This week the recipe comes from Karen, a “Mom” and nutritionist whose website Nourish has some pretty sound recipes, go check it out!

GBBO week 7
Victorian Game Pie
Venison CrockPot Stew!


So get down the butchers and get your hands on some cheap, nutritious grub to feed the family and warm your cockles while this miserable weather continues.

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