Walking Round With Your A#*e Out

Before I kick this one off I’ll preface it by admitting I sound like a right old codger. But I don’t care.

Belts. A great invention, I think we can all agree.

A vast improvement on braces (although some people can rock those and look pretty cool, myself not included) and, like all the best ideas, a simple one.

Yet we’ve all seen people wandering the streets with their pants on show, their waistbands nestled just below the owners cheeks?

Now if I had some sort of say in this, I’d rather not have to see a stranger’s pants when out and about, but I’ve accepted I don’t and moved on.

Until today…

…I was following someone up the DLR escalator who seemed to think his trousers functioned well as an underwire to support his arse, displaying some very eye-catching pants…

***I wasn’t staring, honest***

I noticed as he pulled them up for the fourteenth time that he was wearing a belt.

A belt.

Why wear a belt if you’re going to wear your trousers like that?

I hope that most of you agree with me when I say that seems completely pointless.

And yet it’s the sort of thing people do more and more.

A huge scarf but no coat – just a t-shirt.

A thick winter coat and brogues but no socks.
(in Victorian times that would’ve been downright inappropriate)

Going to the gym 5 times a week then eating and drinking junk.

Yep. This just got relevant.

Exercising more sadly doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want, but it’s a pitfall so many of us succumb to.

“I can eat this burger and chips because I went to the gym earlier”

“I went for a run this morning so I’ve earned my Ben & Jerry’s”

Now I’m not saying you can’t ever have this stuff again, but to go back to my original point – why put a belt on if you’re going to wear your trousers around your knees anyway?

As we head towards the end of January, a lot of you will have been to the gym pretty regularly and been feeling pretty good about yourselves (which is AWESOME by the way).

You’ve put a belt on.

But as February looms you start to take stock, to assess the results. And perhaps you’re not quite as pleased as you expected.

And that sucks.

So be honest with yourself – have you eaten well? Have you been getting enough sleep?

If the answer is no to either of these, then you’re sabotaging your own results.

Training isn’t much good if your nutrition isn’t on point.

In much the same way as a belt doesn’t do much good when it’s around your knees.

So it’s time to pull your trousers up, take ownership and get real with yourself.

If you want to get BIG results, you need to make BIG changes.

My advice – swap one of those workouts each week (or that Netflix marathon) and spend that time planning/prepping/cooking your meals.

No it’s not sexy, but you might just feel a bit sexier after a few weeks.

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Ian “old-codger’ Male

PS. For anyone who does walk around with their bum out, I apologise for any offence caused…but are you not cold?

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