Why eating clean is a load of rubbish

“Oh I’ve started eating clean”

Well bully for you. I hear this phrase more and more, and it really twists my melons. Here’s why:

By saying that you’re eating clean, you’re implying that anyone who eats differently is eating dirty! We’re all individuals and we all have different bodies, different requirements, different lifestyles. These and a whole lot of other differences influence and determine what we should and shouldn’t be eating.

It’s great that you’re taking an interest in improving what you’re eating, but just because it’s working for you don’t make the mistake of thinking it will work for everyone else as well.

All day we’re bombarded with the new superfood or what some vapid prat off the telly has been eating to lose all that weight, but rather than blindly following that generic advice we should be figuring out what works for us.

I’m not saying that all these articles and recommendations are nonsense, I’m simply suggesting that as an individual you’re going to need to pick and choose what information you apply.

At Greenwich Training we ask all our clients to keep a food diary for a week. The MyFitnessPal is great, although you can ignore the generic built-in targets.

Once we’ve got that information we can sit down and go through it together, and identify areas that need attention, normally alter their macronutrient intake, and make additions and omissions based on what each person needs.

So my point is this: don’t get bogged down with eating “clean” or going “paleo” but instead focus on cooking and eating real, tasty foods that you can enjoy and are happy to eat for the rest of your life.

Otherwise, you’re just going to be back where you started.

If you’d like to arrange a free consultation to help you figure out the best way for you to get where you want to be then get in touch now, I’d love to help.

Hope you’ve all got a fun weekend planned – I’m off on another stag-do…better get my hangover cure stuff sorted ready!

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