Do Something Selfish

Last week we were in Croatia for our annual GT Retreat with 20 of our amazing clients.

We had a great time, but we also helped our clients make some breakthroughs.

We held a workshop looking at where they were currently putting themselves on their priority list.

The answer?

Almost always near the bottom of the pile.

A lot of people said they still felt guilty taking time out of their day to exercise or cook.

Which is a worry.

You’ll have heard the analogy about getting your oxygen mask sorted first before you help other people with theirs?

And told yourself “well that’s a nice sentiment Ian, BUT…”

And after that an excuse you tell yourself to justify not looking after yourself.

And it IS just that. An excuse. Because no matter what your situation is, there is always a way to improve it and carve out some time for you.

“I haven’t got any time.”

Yes, yes you have, you just chose to do something else.

Like watching crap tv in the evening because you were too tired to fathom doing anything else.

Like ordering Deliveroo on the way home because you had a rough day at work and can’t face cooking.

Like bailing on that morning run again because you didn’t sleep very well and could use an extra 20 minutes kip.

Sound familiar?

The thing is, do you think surviving on crappy takeaways, 5 hours broken sleep and having no energy makes you a better partner, parent or friend?

Do you think it makes you more productive at work?

Of course not.

So stop hiding behind the same story you’ve been telling yourself for years and make a change.

Doesn’t have to be anything huge, you can start small.

Pick one thing you can start to do regularly, just for 10 minutes, which is just for you.

To help YOU.

Do that thing, religiously, for the next month, and I promise you’ll see and feel a difference.

But if you don’t want to start small, and you’re ready to make some bigger changes?

Book a free consultation with us and I guarantee we’ll have you feeling like a different person by the end of the month.


Ps. If you’re interested in coming along on our next retreat, click here and get front of the queue!

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