Feeling Overwhelmed?

I get it.

I’ve got waaaay too many things to get sorted over the next few weeks, it’s an absolute nightmare.

January is traditionally when we take on loads of new habits and commitments, and it’s overwhelming.

You feel like you’re constantly swimming upstream, struggling to stay above water.

You already had zero time to get stuff done and the list of things you need to do just got longer.

My advice to you?


Take a step back.

Identify the one big thing that is your top priority over the next few weeks and months.

Once you’ve figured that out, it get’s easier.

Every day, simply give that thing the time it deserves.

Make that time non-negotiable.

Everything else can fall in around it.

This comes first.

And every day, once it’s done, you’re free to work on all those other things.

See we’re hardwired to look for instant gratification.

Which more often than not means wasting time on the smaller, easier tasks.

So if you feel like you’ve got too much on your plate, don’t lose sight of what is truly important.

The rest can wait.

Now go write that list ????

Ian “one-big-thing” Male

Ps. If you’re one big thing this year was going to the gym more, but you let the tube strike or rain stop you today…you might just need some more accountability. And I might just be able to help you with that…click here to apply for a free consultation.

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