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I wanted to share with you something that happened this morning – I was training one of my clients at the resident’s gym in her development. Everyone was sharing the space and keeping themselves to themselves – spare from the obligatory head nods and raised eyebrows (pre-7:00am so not much chat!).
A familiar character joined us this morning though, many of you will know him – let’s just call him Meathead-Marvin. This guy feels that because he’s showing some arm and chest muscles through his base layer (along with a gorilla’s posture and some serious chicken legs) he owns the place.

Predominantly found in the free weights section of the gym, he prides himself on keeping as many people away as possible by standing slap bang in the middle of the place, taking up as much room as possible and glaring intensely at you if you dare to enter what he now deems his space.

The main reason the free weights area of any gym or club is quieter is people like him.

And I’ll admit up front that I can’t stand them – they are a big part of everything that is wrong with the fitness industry and culture, and the main reason I stopped working in health clubs.

I won’t bore you with the details, but this clown had decided the best spot in the huge bank of mirrors for him to perform his KB swings was directly in front of the cable machine.

Silly old Marvin.

Interrupting a riveting conversation he was having about carb intake (the guy wasn’t even exercising!), I asked if we could use the cables for a minute – Marvin reacted as if I’d asked him to gently spoon with me while I did some floor work.

I calmly but firmly explained to him why I felt he was being a little unreasonable, but for the remaining 10 minutes of the session I knew my client felt uncomfortable.

When we started training together she openly told me she was terrified of going into that part of the gym, and since then we’ve worked on building up her confidence so she feels able to venture in there outside of our time together. Then this pillock rocks up and behaves like that.

Now I would normally say to ignore them, rise above and don’t let it bother you…but in all honesty it just isn’t that easy.

(Check out her response below)

And this is a big motivating factor in wanting to create a space for people to come and exercise, in a relaxed environment free from judgement where everyone is there to better themselves – nothing more, nothing less.

For those of you who think you might be a Marvin, you won’t be welcome – the unsubscribe link is below, please do me a favour and use it.

But if you want to get clear Marvin and his mates, or find the thought of it intimidating, why not come down and see us? We’re offering FREE Transformation Sessions through January for everyone who applies before Christmas, so what have you got to lose?

Ian “Barrin’ Marvin” Male
PS. Here’s her response on Facebook…

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