Hanging up my stocking…

Yup, this is it. My last email of 2016.

You’re on your own from here on in ????

I’m always banging on about balance and finding a sustainable way to lead a healthier life.

A big part of that is recognising when to down tools and take a step back.

And in my book, Christmas is definitely one of the best opportunities to do just that.

So I’m logging off for Christmas.

And my advice to you, in case you wanted it, is to dial things back a notch.

Still move when you can, get out for walks, play with your kids, spend time with friends, do stuff you enjoy.

Eat amazing, incredible food – but real food.

In short, ENJOY yourself!

***And for those of you who are looking to take action and start a health kick in January, scroll down to find out how me and the GT team can help!***

So a big thank you from me for reading my ramblings these last 12 months, I hope you’ve found them useful and motivating.

A very merry Christmas to you, have a great time and I’ll be in touch again on the other side!

Ian “Head Elf” Male
PS. So. You’ve tried new health kicks every January.

But you’ve never managed to stick to it.

You’ve never truly got the results you wanted.

So don’t make the same mistake and simply try the same thing again.

This year, truly commit to becoming a better version of yourself and put your trust in me and the Greenwich Training team.

We GUARANTEE to get you incredible results and have you feeling fantastic before January is even done and dusted.

Remember – if we don’t do our job and deliver those results, we’ll train you FOR FREE until we do.

So if you’re interested, get ahead of the January rush and save yourself some dosh while you’re at it – simply click here, complete the short form and our lovely Studio Manager Katherine will be in touch to arrange a consultation!


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Our classes combine cardio with strength training in a variety of ways. No matter how frequently you attend, you won’t feel like you’re doing the same exercises again and again. These high-intensity classes are an hour long.


Although yoga may seem contrary to the high intensity of our group classes, our classes perfectly complement your other workout experiences improving your flexibility. We have experienced instructors to guide you through lessons.

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Our memberships come with open gym time so that you can come and train on your schedule. During open gym sessions, you can come in for unguided gym time and work toward your fitness goals. The coaching staff is available to assist you during any open gym session.

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