I’m just going to say it…

…January is a right b*[email protected]

The decorations are down, you’re back to work, back to the daily grind.

Setting that alarm is daunting enough without bringing it forward an extra hour to venture out in the dark to exercise…

“I’ll just hit snooze and go tonight instead”

Trouble is, by the time you’ve finished work it’s dark again and you’re knackered so that doesn’t happen either.

Same goes for nutrition – swapping the Celebrations for celery and the booze for kombucha ain’t all that appealing.

Our advice? Side-step all the BS miracle teas, diet pills etc. on your feed and just take it steady.

Give yourself the best chance of success by not over-committing.

Instead of going to the gym everyday, aim to do 20 minutes every other day to start with.

Instead of living off rabbit food, pick your favourite few healthy-ish recipes to eat, something you’ll actually look forward to.

Set an alarm to go to bed, get more sleep and have more energy.

Stick to those 3 things for a week, then see where you are.

If you’re feeling up to it, step it up and look for other ways to improve.

If not, figure out where you tripped up, figure out how to avoid doing the same, then go again.

And here’s the most important bit – keep going.

Consistency wins, every time.

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