It’s My Birthday…

…and I’ll cry if I want to.

But I don’t want to.

So what did I do on my birthday?

Well, I came to the studio, and I worked.

Not unusual, and certainly not very exciting…you may well be wondering how the heck I’m gonna string an email out of this one…

Well let me explain.

This time last year, and every other year since I can remember, I’ve had to work on my birthday.

Now I’m not looking for sympathy, I know that most adults do work on their birthdays, but I reckon I wasn’t alone in feeling a little hard done by.

No offence to any of my lovely clients, but you’d have to be quite the conversationalist to make that 4:45am alarm a welcoming sound!

This year, however, is different.

This year, for the first time ever, I didn’t HAVE to come to work.

I have a studio now, and an actual, proper legit business.

Props to me.

I could have stayed at home in my lounge pants and watched Netflix.

– Yes I have lounge pants, and they are 50 shades of awesome –

I could have gone to the cinema.

Hell, I live in London, I could have done pretty much anything.

But this year, I chose to come to work.


The same reason Billie Piper played that song so loud, ran around in crowds, danced all night and said what was on her mind.

Because I wanted to.

Jokes aside though, it marks a real shift for me.

If you reframe the way you think about things, then all of a sudden the way you approach them changes.

Including exercise.

When you’re faced with dragging yourself to the gym or going out for a run, you probably do so with all the enthusiasm of a snowman entering a sauna.

Imagine if you could change that though, and instead do it because you wanted to. It wasn’t a chore, but something you genuinely looked forward to and had a positive association with.

That would be pretty awesome wouldn’t it?

Well that’s what we do at Greenwich Training.

So if you’re constantly starting new health kicks and never seeing them through, look us up.

We can help.

Because if it isn’t fun, what are the chances you’ll be able to stick to it?

That is all, have a great Monday!

Ian “All the Threes” Male

Ps. Another video testimonial coming your way later in the week, keep your eyes peeled.

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