It’s Not Trump’s Fault

How was your weekend?

I was solo-parenting.

My lovely wife sodded off to York for a weekend of shopping, spa treatments, and gin.

Far as I can tell it was mostly gin actually.

Leaving me to look after two under 5s at the same time.

Easy peasy.

Just kidding, it was utterly exhausting.

I’m knackered.

– Don’t tell the wife, I’ll never hear the end of it –

Things went well though, and I was off duty by 7:30pm and free to watch some tv.

Sport mainly.

But after the rugby highlights (Swing Low) and the F1 qualifying (go Lewis), I decided to pull an all nighter and watch the UFC.

Due to start at 3am, it actually got going at 5:30am.

So who’s to blame that I was exhausted on Sunday? The UFC?

Who’s to blame that I’m still tired today? My kids? My wife?


Blame is simply a way for us to shift the responsibility away from ourselves.

By doing that, we convince ourselves that it’s out of our control.

We have managed to invent an excuse which just happens to legitimise our own inactions.

(or reckless abandon in my case)

Now sometimes, it is someone or something else’s fault.

But what are you going to do about it?

Get angry?

Take cover guys – another truth bomb heading your way…

That’s not helping you get where you want to be, so stop sulking and take some responsibility.

By which I mean forget that and focus on all the stuff you CAN influence.

First and foremost, your own actions.

The trains are delayed. Don’t skip the workout – cut it short or do it at home.

The local supermarket has run out of onions. Don’t order takeaway – make something else.

Trump was elected president. Don’t get drunk – make the world a better place by being more tolerant.

My point is perhaps if we stop focussing on who to blame, maybe we can start focussing on how we can change things.

Either for ourselves or for others.

*mic drop*
Ian “Jerry Springer” Male

PS. If you’re ready for change, you know where I am 😉


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