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The mother of a 6 year old girl reached out to us recently, to ask about arranging some Personal Training sessions for her daughter. 

6 years old.

We discussed exactly what she was hoping her daughter would gain from it, and it became clear that it was mainly about weight loss. 

Now as I’m sure you know childhood obesity is a huge issue – 40% of kids in the UK are obese or overweight by the age of 10 – however I believe the solution to this has to start at home, with the parents. It simply doesn’t work to farm this out.

Kids model the behaviours they see – so the best way for them to learn about being healthy…is to see us being healthy. 

The best way for them to value their health and their bodies, is for us to do the same.

I suggested some active sessions with both of them, together, and some follow up coaching with just her (rather than her daughter) to discuss some strategies and longer term solutions they could implement at home.

She politely declined…she didn’t have the time.

Now I’m not judging here; I’m simply making an observation and sharing my thoughts.

I speak to so many parents who’ve put the needs of their children above their own for years, letting their health suffer to the point where they’re not sure how to get back on track.

Who work long hours away from their kids to be able to afford the very best of everything for them, but then never make time to look after themselves.

Which I get – it’s something I’ve been guilty of in the past – but what if that’s not what our kids really need?

When you value yourself and your health, you send a clear message to your kids that you’re worth looking after.

The values you exhibit will be instilled in them, and while you’re at it you’ll show up every day as a better parent as well. 

In the time you have together you’ll be more engaged with them, have more patience and more energy to play with them.

Sometimes, the best thing we can do for our kids, is look after ourselves a bit better.

Food for thought.

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