Brutal Honesty from an unlikely source…

Don a helmet, the truth hurts

Yesterday I greeted one of my clients to her session holding a tape measure.

Just the sight of it is enough to provoke drastic reactions. Funny thing is, these reactions can actually tell me just as much as the measurements.

See, the tape measure doesn’t lie. The tape measure doesn’t care that you had a birthday party or saw something on social media that annoyed you and cracked out the chocolate. The tape measure tells it how it is.

There is nowhere to hide.

But best of all? You can’t blame the tape measure. It has no ulterior motives.

So in the moment where people see me holding it and realise all of the above, they usually react in one of two ways. Quiet anticipation, or abject terror.

You see deep down we all know if we’ve put the work in. But our brain is very good at playing tricks on us, protecting us from making tough decisions.

So that is why I (and every one else on the Greenwich Training team) insist on taking measurements every month. It helps us strip away the context and excuses and see whether you’ve progressed. Now I’m not saying that some of the excuses aren’t valid, but seeing the numbers laid out in front of you is an incredibly powerful motivator.

On this particular occasion, my client reacted well as she knew she had absolutely nailed it. Her stats reflected her hard work and as we went through them she said to me

“This just makes me even more motivated”

Music to my ears. That boost will strengthen her resolve and mean she continues to work hard, get results and look forward to the next time to tape measure makes an appearance.

When things don’t go to plan and the results are not what we hoped, this also motivates us. To do better, to try harder, to avoid repeating our mistakes. So that next time, we’ve stopped the rot and the results are there for all to see.

So whether your results are good or bad, they give you exactly what you need. Never avoid them. Make sure you keep track of your progress, get the dreaded “tape-measure-of-honesty” out and don’t stop there. Write it all down, take photos and put them somewhere prominent.

Our clients consistently make huge strides in their first month working with us – imagine how much better you could feel by the time (say it quietly) summer rolls around if you take action, get in touch and get started today.

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