Could You Wait For 78 Days?

Do you remember when you were little having to wait for something? I certainly do, I seemed to spend my entire childhood looking forward to things.

Summer holidays, Christmas, tournaments, day trips, all sorts.

After 7 woeful attempts at building my own Tracy Island (a la Blue Peter) my parents took pity and bought me the real deal – longest 6 weeks of my life waiting to open it on my birthday!

Bottom line – no one likes to wait.

BUT in the last week alone I’ve had at least 5 people say to me that they want to wait until January to start training with us. There are still ELEVEN WEEKS ’til January!

So why the wait? Why are our health and fitness goals any different?


Our brains are glorious, incredibly complex things. But at times they’re also our worst enemy, and they will continuously steer you away from perceived risks and fears.

Which comes in handy if you’re living in the wilderness surrounded by predators, or braving the night bus home in the early hours of the morning.

Less so when your fears are stopping you from becoming the person you could be…

Like the fear of being pushed outside of your comfort zone.

Like the fear of feeling overweight in your gym clothes.

Like the fear of being judged for being unfit.

Like the fear of failing to lose weight…again.

As much as we like to deny it, most of us are controlled by fear, and we let it influence our decisions every day.

So rather than waiting another 3 months to take action and make the changes you so desperately want and deserve, call yourself out.

You CAN be exactly where you want to be in 11 weeks.

By the time Christmas rolls around you can feel like a different person.





No question.

And this doesn’t just apply to health and fitness, but to every aspect of your life. Work, relationships, money, everything.

I guarantee there will be something you’re putting off through fear.

You think about doing it all the time. But never pull the trigger.

Imagine what decisions you’d make without that fear holding you back.

So rather than waiting until January, until November, until your birthday, or even until Monday, do it NOW.

Start today.

Seriously, what is stopping you?!

Show fear the door, move forward, and watch your life change.

If you want my help, you know what to do…


Ian “Thunderbirds-Are-Go” Male

Ps. I bet even now there are a few of you reading this who felt motivated, and made the decision to start on Monday because they’re going out boozing tonight.

You’re missing the point.

Start right now. Start today. Commit to change and it will happen.


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