Do you carry a spare tire?

“Hello mate. Bit cheeky, but I’m after some freebie advice…what’s the best way to lose fat around the belly and chest area? Is it just cardio?”

A close friend of mine sent me that very text yesterday.

The answer I gave him was pretty straightforward, but it got me to thinking – if it’s so simple, why do we all struggle with getting it right and why do I still get asked that question at least once a month?

This friend (who will remain nameless) has always struggled with losing that stubborn bit of fat around his midriff and chest, and I know he made a new year’s resolution to lose weight…the same one he made last year, and the year before that. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticising him, he’s recognised he wants to change something and taken action to achieve it, most people don’t get that far.

People say the mind is a muscle. It isn’t.

But it is crucial to train it, just like a muscle, for resolutions to work. If we’re honest we’ve all set the same resolutions more than once over the years. Without addressing our mindset and where we went wrong we simply try again and expect different results. We’re all looking for the magic pill to get us to where we want to be. This is particularly true when it comes to health and fitness goals.

Think back to the health and fitness related resolutions you made at the start of the year. Have you managed to stick to them? If the answer is yes then kudos to you, get outta here you hero, nothing further for you to read! But I’m guessing for most the answer is no. So I want you to try something a bit different.

March is the new January.


Bonkers I know, but stick with me. What would you do differently to ensure you made it through, and imagine how good you’d be feeling right now if you had.

What went wrong?

Go back over what threw you off over the last couple of months, identify those barriers and write them down.

Ways round or through?

Break your list down into two columns

  • Round: ones that you could feasibly avoid (that restaurant with the amazing cheesecake) and
  • Through: ones that you’re going to have to tackle (the colleague opposite you that likes to bring in a dozen Krispy Kremes EVERY Friday).


Now get rid of the avoidable ones. Rearrange your dinner date for another restaurant, switch the catch up over a beer for a catch up over a coffee. You get the idea.


Now for the un-avoidables. If you know whats coming, then it becomes a lot easier to survive them with your resolutions in tact. If Friday is “doughnut day” for your co-worker (I could write another email all about them…in fact, I will!) then prep yourself some healthy snacks to keep your stomach distracted and practise simply saying  “no thank you” without feeling the need to give a long drawn out explanation!


Last up, you need to get back to basics and figure out what drives you. Find a picture or phrase to sum it up and put it somewhere in plain sight. Are you a carrot or stick kind of person? Or a bit of both, maybe a photo someone uploaded to Facebook that you can’t stand to look at, plus a photo of you looking your best. The traditional spot has always been the fridge, but I think inside your purse or wallet (people will survive the month without that cute photo of your children), or maybe the desktop of your computer. Some clients seem to favour a Pinterest board of inspiration that they can dip into when they’re feeling weak, so plenty of options!

So now you’ve mapped out your route through March (January), and given yourself a better shot at sticking with it and achieving success.

If you’re still sat there shaking your head saying “I couldn’t do that” then I’ve got one more tip, and it’s an obvious one:

We’re good at what we do. We guarantee you results when you work with us. As long as you put the work in, attend all your sessions and stick to your meal and exercise plan then you will get there. No results, you get your money back! So book a free consultation today and together we will sit down and make a plan to get you where you want to be.

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Commit to change, getting some real results and creating a mindset and way of life that will ensure you get where you want to be. And if all else fails…

April is the new March.


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