It’s hot. It’s really, really hot. So what?

So it’s hot.

So what are we all whining about?! Isn’t this what we’ve been waiting for these last 6 months?

“Oh I like it when it’s hot…but this is too hot.”


It’s a tradition in this country to have a good old gripe about the weather, and it got me thinking about other things we love to moan about.

Our job.

Our commute.

Our other half.

And of course, our bodies.

We LOVE to moan about our own bodies. The way we look and feel in our clothes. Hell, the way we look and feel out of our clothes 😉

And with the onset of warmer weather this really hits top gear as the sun forces us to reluctantly emerge from our baggy knitwear like sad, pale, self-loathing little butterflies.

We all do it.

You’re probably guilty of it every single day, whether comparing your wobbly bits with a friend over a drink, or when you try on 5 different outfits in the morning until you find one you feel halfway comfortable leaving the house in.

And who can blame you, as every day we’re expected to match up to the crazy images we see EVERYWHERE. In magazines, on billboards, on Instagram (don’t even get me started on Instagram #nofilter), everything manipulated and photoshopped.

I’d say around 95% of the people who come to us for help say their top priority is to lose weight.

And honestly, that is a crappy goal.

Even if you put a number on it to make it specific, it still sucks. Why?

Because losing weight shouldn’t be what you’re chasing.

You’re not a turnip at the village fete.

Shouldn’t you aim for more than an arbitrary number on some scales?




Now THOSE are some great goals. THOSE are worth fighting for. THOSE are going to get you up in the morning.

Those are enough to make you actually take action and change things.

Now if you genuinely feel like dropping a few kgs will help you get there, that’s absolutely fine and may well be true.

But don’t focus on the wrong thing. Ask yourself why. Dig deeper. Think bigger.

And when you figure out what you really want, DO something about it.

Do one thing every single day to move you towards it, and within a few days you’ll be in a much better place. Every, single, day.

Because you’ll know where you’re headed. And that will make you more confident in the actions you’re taking, and in yourself.

Don’t be like the turnip.

Go think about it. And when you’ve got it figured out, head towards it.

Ian “de-scaler” Male

Ps. Now I’m thinking about the turnip I feel bad. Maybe he had bigger aspirations and dreams as well. Sorry turnip.


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