Meet your worst enemy…

It’s you.

During an average day we all behave like several different people – Dr Jekyll has nothing on us!

  • The optimist – Nothing is getting in this person’s way, today is the first day of the “new you” and in a few weeks time you’ll be looking and feeling amazing, so what would you ever let get in the way of that?
  • The diplomat – You’re still the same person, just more relaxed and a bit more fun. You can skip today’s workout and have a slice of cake but more often than not you eat well, and you’ll still reach your goals, just a little later, and have some fun along the way
  • The realist – You’ve had enough. Why should you bother with it all? None of your friends are bothering and you don’t look too bad anyway. You’ve got a big weekend coming up so maybe you can start to tighten things up again after that…

I think if we’re honest we can all relate to these personas and their state of mind. You might spend more time in one than the other, but they all come up at different points.

The trick is to identify triggers or times of the day when you start to notice a shift in your emotional state. Once you’ve figured these out you can start to take steps to avoid them or get through them, meaning you’re less likely to finish each day having abandoned those good intentions you started it with.

Over time these triggers will diminish or disappear as your brain forms new habits.

If you’re struggling with staying on track, but feel ready to commit to real change, then book a free transformation session with us so we can get you heading in the right direction.

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