Wasted effort…

One of the things I find most frustrating is seeing people who are putting in a tonne of effort, and not seeing any results. It’s something I see far too often.

That’s why Holly got in touch with me, and after a few months of recalibrating and channelling all her hard work in the right direction, she has seen great results. Here is what she had to say:

“What I like about Ian as a Personal Trainer is that I don’t feel like the support ends when he clocks off after a session. As well as the blog posts, the occasional email or text through the week really helps, whether it be a new recipe he has found that he knows i’ll like or a bit of encouragement after a bad week on the scales, I really feel like I’m getting a personal service. He has even provided me with a 3 course meal plan when my mum wanted to ‘try out this paleo thing’ when I went home for a visit. Don’t get me wrong the training is great too and I’ve lost 10% of my body weight (and kept it off too!) and wear clothes I wouldn’t have dared to wear 6 months ago. I haven’t bulked up, but everything feels firmer and tighter, turns out I have some muscles hidden in there! Can’t thank Ian enough for his help and support, it sounds cliche but its really changed my life.”

Holly simply needed someone to show her what to do.

And it’s people like her that I love working with.

So if you’re fed up with slogging away but not getting anywhere, putting the work in and not seeing a change, and you’re ready to take action, I can help.


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