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Why We Hate Change

An update on our Personal Training studio in Greenwich, some unexpected resistance I encountered this week, and how I overcame it. For help in breaking through your resistance and achieving real change, get in touch with us at

Pizza For Breakfast?!

Happy Friday, hope you’ve all had an awesome week despite the sky constantly crying for the past few days. As a Personal Trainer, one of the upsides to all this rain is that I had an unexpected morning off with the family. So after doing my daily 10 minutes of mindfulness (more on that another time) I decided to rustle up a nice breakfast for the brood with whatever I could find in the kitchen. Sometimes this can go horribly wrong, but on this occasion the results were majestic, so I thought I’d take the guesswork – and admittedly some of the spontaneity – out of your weekend breakfasts (brunches for non-parents) and share the recipe with you. My wife Sal has christened it the “After-Sleep Pan Pizza” Yep, she loves a pun as much as me, and that is partly why she rocks. After-Sleep Pan Pizza Serves 2/3 Prep time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 10 minutes Ingredients For the base Tsp coconut oil 6 organic free range eggs, whisked Handful of spinach, finely chopped Tsp of mixed herbs or oregano Sprinkle of cinnamon Pepper to taste 2 tbsp organic tomato paste For the topping 50g smoked salmon, roughly torn into pieces 50g goats cheese Handful of cherry tomatoes, sliced in half Method Preheat the grill to a low heat Melt the coconut oil in a medium sized frying pan then use to grease the pan and avoid any sticking disasters Add the spinach, herbs/oregano, cinnamon and pepper to the whisked eggs and give a quick stir to mix Pour the mixture into the pan and cook for a...

Struggling To Get To Sleep?

Want to find out how to sleep better in just 24 hours? I know, I know, it sounds far fetched. But this is the REAL DEAL. First off I feel it’s important to clarify I have no vested interest in this product and do not stand to make any financial gains as a result of any spike in sales influenced by this post. I just think it’s all kinds of awesome. And it works. I like stuff that works. You probably do too. So I thought I’d better spread it like grass fed butter. What is this magical trick I’ve learned to help improve your kip, both in terms of quality and quantity, more or less INSTANTLY? – Stop drinking coffee after lunch? It helps, but nope. – Limit your screen-time before bed? No, although it is helpful. – No carbs for dinner? Can be beneficial, but not massively effective. – Lavender spray on your pillow? Smells nice if a bit pungent, but no. – Deep breathing while lying in bed? Potentially a bit creepy, and again, no. No, the magical elixir of which I speak, is MAGNESIUM. A wondrous mineral that most of us are deficient in, but this puppy should be kicking around in over 300 enzymes within your body, generally helping it run a little better. It helps your muscles relax, it helps you hydrate effectively, it helps with energy production…and, most importantly, it is pretty handy at deactivating adrenaline. So if you’re low on magnesium, I can guarantee it’s affecting your sleep. How do you know if you’ve not got enough of it? Here are...

Could You Wait For 78 Days?

Do you remember when you were little having to wait for something? I certainly do, I seemed to spend my entire childhood looking forward to things. Summer holidays, Christmas, tournaments, day trips, all sorts. After 7 woeful attempts at building my own Tracy Island (a la Blue Peter) my parents took pity and bought me the real deal – longest 6 weeks of my life waiting to open it on my birthday! Bottom line – no one likes to wait. BUT in the last week alone I’ve had at least 5 people say to me that they want to wait until January to start training with us. There are still ELEVEN WEEKS ’til January! So why the wait? Why are our health and fitness goals any different? Fear. Our brains are glorious, incredibly complex things. But at times they’re also our worst enemy, and they will continuously steer you away from perceived risks and fears. Which comes in handy if you’re living in the wilderness surrounded by predators, or braving the night bus home in the early hours of the morning. Less so when your fears are stopping you from becoming the person you could be… Like the fear of being pushed outside of your comfort zone. Like the fear of feeling overweight in your gym clothes. Like the fear of being judged for being unfit. Like the fear of failing to lose weight…again. As much as we like to deny it, most of us are controlled by fear, and we let it influence our decisions every day. So rather than waiting another 3 months to take action and...

Fitter Foodies Come To Greenwich

Morning all! I hope you’re all having a great weekend. I’m currently sat on a train back to London from Bath after an amazing day spent with my mentor and colleagues (more on that another day!). Today is all about a couple of friends of mine called Keris & Matt. These guys run Fitter Food and penned the brilliant recipe book The Paleo Primer which I highly recommend – many of you already own a copy! These guys are a really inspiring couple and I owe an awful lot to them in helping me develop into the person and Fitness Professional I am today. In November they’re running a Fitter Food Academy Event right here in Greenwich. Similar to my day yesterday, this is a fantastic opportunity to really get into the right mindset to achieve your goals, and see some fantastic experts in their field talk about health and fitness. Here is what Keris & Matt have planned for the day: “We’ll be covering a range of essential health topics including emotional eating, fertility nutrition, strength training for women, how to evolve your nutrition, guidance from a Primal GP, boosting body confidence and injury healing and prevention. The team is all set to take you from average to awesome, this is not to be missed!” It’s on the 21st November at The University of Greenwich, Click here for more details and the full agenda and info on the other guest speakers. To to book your place for the 21st November simply click here, and I’ll see you there!...

I Almost Killed A Seagull

The week before last I had a couple of clients reschedule their sessions at the last minute, leaving me with the rest of the day free. Now normally I’d tell myself that I could rest and see my family at the weekend, but the sun was shining, things had been pretty manic and I hadn’t been around to help my wife with our new little bundle as much as I’d like, so we jumped in the car and went on a day trip to Whitstable. We had a great day, spent some proper quality time together, and I really stepped out of “work-mode” and got into a different headspace. Archie’s favourite activity of the day was skimming pebbles from the beach out to sea (or flinging rocks around without getting told off), something he insisted I join in on. The thing is, the water was way too choppy and we were a bit high above the water to really get a good skimmer, so after a few minutes I found my attention wavering. Now if you’ve got kids you’ll understand what I mean here – Archie would have happily continued chucking pebbles around until Whitstable could no longer lay claim to having a beach! Lucky for me then I had a strategy to keep me interested. An old groyne. No I haven’t misspelt it, I mean… “The structure built from an ocean shore that interrupts water flow and limits the movement of sediment. It is usually made out of wood or concrete.” …at least that’s what I think it was. A lone piece of timber standing on it’s own...

Walk This Way…

..or that way. Whichever works for you. Walking. Frowned upon by most active people in favour of more strenuous activities where they can “feel the burn” and other similarly hateful phrases. However the benefits of exercise don’t simply come down to calories in vs calories out. Remember folks, not all calories are equal on the way in, and the same goes for the way out. 1000 calories of steamed veg is going to have a drastically different effect on your mood, energy levels and day to 1000 calories of chocolate buttons. Likewise, walking might not give you the same caloric burn and metabolic boost as a quick interval session, but you should still make time for it in your day. Not only does it improve circulation and keep your metabolism from bottoming out between more dedicated exercise, it will also improve your mood and help you to clear the decks in your overcrowded and overworked noggin. Since my son Harry (my second) arrived a couple of weeks ago I haven’t managed more than 2 hours consecutive sleep. Neither have I managed over 30 minutes of exercise. Not ideal. When Archie (my first) was born I beat myself up – see the confessional video here – for not sticking to my usual routine, and began to dread every workout. When I did manage to motivate myself enough to get started, I’d feel weak and demoralised and finish up worse than I started, both in body and in mind. Again, not ideal. So this time I’ve switched things up. I’m doing quick, short sharp workouts when I feel up to it...

Time to Get Your Game Face On – It’s Victorian Week…

…and doesn’t she look thrilled. Week 7 of my badly-thought-out mission to offer you alternatives to the cakes and assorted sugar-laden treats paraded across our goggle-boxes on the Great British Bake Off. Randomly it appears this week is Victorian week. I have no idea why, maybe it was at Mary’s request – she probably has fond memories of that era (BOOM, ‘ave that Berry!). Upon further inspection I see that one of the things being rustled up this evening is a savoury pie. GREAT news for me as I’ve felt like all I’ve posted recently are cake recipes. So as I can’t bring myself to recommend a pastry-based pie as super-healthy, here is an open-pie if you will…a casserole basically. Game is a great choice of meat, as it tends to be healthy, grass fed and outdoor reared, meaning you and I get more nutrient dense goodness to work with – and it tastes amazing! What’s more it’s the perfect easy meal for this weather, you can whack it in your Crockpot (other slow cookers are available but the Crockpot is king in my book) before you go to work and it’ll be waiting for you when you get home, warm, nourishing and comforting. This week the recipe comes from Karen, a “Mom” and nutritionist whose website Nourish has some pretty sound recipes, go check it out! GBBO week 7 Victorian Game Pie vs Venison CrockPot Stew!   So get down the butchers and get your hands on some cheap, nutritious grub to feed the family and warm your cockles while this miserable weather continues. Ian “Humble-Pie” Male Personal...

Tony’s Story – One Year On

So last year I was lucky enough to work with a couple of people who were trying to stop smoking, with help and support from Nicorette, and little old me! Not everyone can afford to work 1-1 with a trainer for longer than a few months, so when this is the case I’ll always try and help people create habits that they can maintain, and tools they can take away and use to stay healthy for good. Tony has proven a brilliant example of this, he looks like a different man (and not just because of his shaved head!) – here’s an update on how he’s been getting on after the work we did together… If, like Tony, you’re committed to taking real action to improve your health then click below and apply for a FREE Transformation Session. Apply Now for your FREE Session   Ian “Mountain-Climber” Male PS. To see the original videos click here. Personal Trainer tel: 07966844057 e: Greenwich...

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