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Our hugely experienced team of Personal Trainers specialise in body transformations, delivering weight loss in an effective, attentive way. We take the time to really get to know you, offering unrivalled support that doesn’t stop when the session finishes. Whether you prefer to exercise outside, in a dedicated Personal Training Studio or in the comfort of your own home, we have an option for you.

If you’re tired of working hard and seeing no progress, or have just decided to make a change, book a free consultation today and find out how we can help you achieve the results you’ve always wanted.


Whether you’re looking to improve your fitness, lose weight or just have some fun while getting in shape we can help.

Every session will be run by a highly experienced Personal Trainer, and focuses on giving you a great total body workout. We limit our numbers to ensure that everyone gets plenty of attention, meaning you will learn correct and safe techniques at a level appropriate for you.

At Greenwich Training our approach is to inspire you to build the habit of exercise in a fun, relaxed and judgement-free environment.

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Online Personal Training

For those who don’t live in Greenwich, Blackheath or South East London, we now offer Online Personal Training packages, so you can benefit from working with our fantastic team of Personal Trainers and Nutritionists.

We will perform an in-depth analysis of every aspect of your current exercise and nutrition habits and routines, and most importantly find out exactly what your unique set of goals are. From there you will work with your designated Personal Trainer to design a sustainable, bespoke fitness programme and meal plan.

Our Online Personal Training service offers a fantastic, flexible and affordable alternative, ensuring you get incredible results that last a lifetime.


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My struggles…didn’t think I could post this!

Those of you who follow us on social media might’ve already seen this, but check out this video I posted yesterday. I’ve started working with a new business mentor who challenged me to post a video online talking about something personal to me, that took me out of my comfort zone. The response was actually really amazing so I thought I’d throw it out to a wider audience – have a listen and feel free to leave a comment below or share with anyone you think it might help.

Meet your worst enemy…

It’s you. During an average day we all behave like several different people – Dr Jekyll has nothing on us! The optimist – Nothing is getting in this person’s way, today is the first day of the “new you” and in a few weeks time...

I’ve stopped losing weight…

You’ve been doing really well, eating healthily and even managing to stick to your exercise routine. At first you were dead chuffed with the results, people noticed you were looking good and weren’t shy in telling you… But over the last few weeks things have...

Why eating clean is a load of rubbish

“Oh I’ve started eating clean” Well bully for you. I hear this phrase more and more, and it really twists my melons. Here’s why: By saying that you’re eating clean, you’re implying that anyone who eats differently is eating dirty! We’re all individuals and...

I nearly chopped my bum off…

…would have been the title of this blog post had I sent it last week. You may have wondered why you haven’t heard from me for a while. Well last Thursday I had a mishap that nearly resulted in me losing a little piece of me. My wife was heading out on a well...

If you ain’t got that swing

It’s happening again – Wimbledon fever is building and tennis courts across the country are packed out as people head down to try and replicate what they’ve seen on the telly. If you haven’t picked up a racket since this same time last year, you’ll probably find...

Leave Oscar the Grouch & Andy Murray alone

Do you remember Oscar the Grouch?He was a character on Sesame Street, grumpiest little guy ever. Not without reason either, poor sod lived in a bin and was hounded by irritating children all day.Then along came Andy Murray, and he out-grumped Oscar. And unless you...

Crisps and dips

So over the past couple of weeks I’ve handed over a simple, healthy recipe for salsa and guacamole…however it seems the consensus is that I’ve missed something out. Crisps. Now obviously it’s great if you’ve made the effort to make the dips, but if you’re then going...

The Ultimate Hangover Cure – Part 2

Seems obvious enough – the clue is in the title – but make sure you’ve had a look at Part 1 and the prep covered there before reading this. This is all about the aftermath… You’ve really let fly and enjoyed a wild night out. You’ve had one or...

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