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For those of you who live outside of London, we now offer Online Personal Training packages, so you can benefit from working with our team of Personal Trainers and Nutritionists to design a bespoke programme.

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I’ll start on Monday

What stops you from exercising? I’ve been asking my clients what used to put them off, what stopped them taking action and getting started. Time and time again the answer is the same… Confidence. Or put another way – fear of what other people will think....

Rihanna’s Omelette

So I’m idly flicking through the Evening Standard – there isn’t enough room on the train to breathe deeply let alone get to my backpack for the kindle – and what do I see but a woman wearing an omelette…

Our lovely new website is up…sort of!

So I’ve finally taken the plunge and switched across to a new website. Won’t bore you with the details but we’ve gone basic to start off with and will be adding different features and cool stuff as we go along. Kind of like waiting to buy new...

Chicken legs

Another belter from my good friend (who shall STILL remain nameless), the friend who sends me an email every few months, asking for my advice on how to shed his spare tyre. Check out his last effort here. Him: “I’m still struggling with losing the gut! I’ve been...

No gym? No problem!

Hotels. Aren’t they lovely? Coming home to a clean room every day, nicely plumped towels, the free toiletries…but most hotel gyms, different story…

Resting B*tch Face

Years ago I was a member at a gym in Central London. I used to go pretty often, and there was a female trainer there who had what I like to call resting-bitch-face. Sorry for the swear. Even if you haven’t heard this term before, chances are you know exactly...

Going the extra mile

One of my clients has a target date coming up – a holiday, and he/she wants to look and feel amazing when they walk out on the beach. For the sake of simplicity let’s give them a name…….. Esmerelda Exotic, isn’t it. Esmerelda wants to be...

Have you ever eaten coal?

I haven’t. Some pregnant ladies get the urge to lick coal apparently, I’ll have to keep an eye on the Mrs at the petrol station! I digress – let me explain where I’m going with this… Tuesday afternoon is Daddy day in my world. It’s...

Injury-proof your marathon training

With the London Marathon now less than 3 weeks away an injury is the last thing you want. Yet so many people seem to push it too hard and as a result fail to make the start line, wasting all that hard work. There are a number of things you should be doing alongside...

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