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Our hugely experienced team of Personal Trainers specialise in body transformations, delivering weight loss in an effective, attentive way. We take the time to really get to know you, offering unrivalled support that doesn’t stop when the session finishes. Whether you prefer to exercise outside, in a dedicated Personal Training Studio or in the comfort of your own home, we have an option for you.

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For those who don’t live in Greenwich, Blackheath or South East London, we now offer Online Personal Training packages, so you can benefit from working with our fantastic team of Personal Trainers and Nutritionists.

We will perform an in-depth analysis of every aspect of your current exercise and nutrition habits and routines, and most importantly find out exactly what your unique set of goals are. From there you will work with your designated Personal Trainer to design a sustainable, bespoke fitness programme and meal plan.

Our Online Personal Training service offers a fantastic, flexible and affordable alternative, ensuring you get incredible results that last a lifetime.


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Tony’s Story – One Year On

So last year I was lucky enough to work with a couple of people who were trying to stop smoking, with help and support from Nicorette, and little old me! Not everyone can afford to work 1-1 with a trainer for longer than a few months, so when this is the case I’ll always try and help people create habits that they can maintain, and tools they can take away and use to stay healthy for good. Tony has proven a brilliant example of this, he looks like a different man (and not just because of his shaved head!) – here’s an update on how he’s been getting on after the work we did together… If, like Tony, you’re committed to taking real action to improve your health then click below and apply for a FREE Transformation Session. Apply Now for your FREE Session   Ian “Mountain-Climber” Male PS. To see the original videos click here. Personal Trainer tel: 07966844057 e: Greenwich...

Now We’re Talking – It’s Dessert Week!

You might have noticed that the sky has been crying almost constantly since Sunday, so we all need some perking up. I’ve certainly ended up soaked through a few times – I’m running out of dry clothes, and we still haven’t mastered the new tumble dryer at Male Towers. Well worry not, it’s Tuesday, and you know what that means – time for your weekly Great British Bake Off Healthy Option ready for tomorrow’s temptation-fest! This week it’s dessert week so we’re back on much safer ground, and I’m reliably informed that Creme Brûlée is on the menu. This week we feature a recipe from the lovely Floridian bartender-cum-blogger, South Beach Primal. Best thing about this one, no tricky to find items so you might not even have to venture out to the shops. Without further ado, here is this week’s alternative offering – trust me, it’s amazing. GBBO week 4 Creme Brûlée vs Paleo Creme Brûlée!     Go forth, and get baking! Ian “growing-gills” Male   Want more? Check out the previous weeks: Week 1 Week 2 Week...

We’ve Moved!

So after 5 years, this weekend (soon to be slightly less little) family moved to a new home. We’ve not moved far, but inevitably when getting organised you start to go through all the “stuff” you’ve accumulated. Bags and bags of this “stuff” gets sold, freecycled, recycled and ebay-ed (is that how you spell that?!). You get cut-throat, things that you’d never normally think to get rid of are ruthlessly tossed aside, and you start to realise that a lot of the stuff which has been cluttering up your home, you haven’t used or seen for well over a year. When push comes to shove, there’s a fair bit of it you just don’t need. I think our lives are the same. Over the years we accumulate hobbies, activities, relationships and habits. Obviously a lot of these are incredibly precious, but if we’re honest with ourselves quite a few of these things aren’t necessarily doing us or our health any good. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying a weekly catch up with friends at the pub isn’t good for you, as it can help you forget the stresses of work etc. BUT perhaps if you really analyse it you might find you’ll benefit from trimming down what you commit to and taking a little more time for yourself and the things and people that matter. I’m not just talking about exercise and cooking good quality food from scratch, but they are both major components of what helps us lead happy, healthy lives, reducing the impact of stress and reducing the risk of all manner of ills. So...

GBBO – It’s Bread Week!

So this week it’s the week where Paul likes to really play the big man and savagely tear people’s fruit-loaves and dreams apart simultaneously. What an absolute b*stard. It’s only bread Paul, pipe down. Now we all know that bread is bad news for our health, and our waistline. And truth be told I’m yet to find a truly worthy “healthy” version, and I’ve tried. Believe me I’ve tried. So many wasted hours spent carefully measuring out all sorts of flour, but at the end of the day nothing ever quite matches up to proper, old fashioned bread. Cake I can recreate without the nasties. Biscuits? No problem. But bread as yet eludes me. That said, this week I’m giving a shout out to my chums Keris and Matt over at Fitter Foods who claim to have mastered the bread roll. Now I haven’t tried it yet, so scarred I am by my previous failures, but they assure me it’s the absolute business, so click the link below to head over to their awesome new website and give it a go. GBBO Week 3: Bread vs Fitter Food Super Sesame Rolls As ever, let me know how you get on! Ian “Hollywood-Hater” Male Personal Trainer tel: 07966844057 e: Greenwich Training Personal Training & Group Fitness in Greenwich, Blackheath and South East...

Where’s summer gone?

Here’s a 20 minute home workout to get you up and running. I’m running out of dry clothes after a lot of soggy park sessions over the least few days. And when the weather is like it has been (although the sun appears to be back today), it’s all too easy to let your good intentions slide and skip that morning run. You’ll go tomorrow, right? Wrong. But fear not, here is a quick and easy 20 minute total body, equipment free workout that you can do at home. It’ll give you a great metabolic boost that lasts all day, improve your enemy levels and give you a massive smug grin as you waltz through your day happy in the knowledge that you’ve already hit your exercise quota. 20 Minute Home Workout 2 x circuits – each with 2 exercises. Do each circuit 3 times round, no breaks. Do 40 seconds of each exercise to 20 seconds rest. Circuit 1 Alternating reverse lunges Press ups (full, knee, box, doesn’t matter as long as you’re working hard!) Circuit 2 Prisoner squats (add a jump to really up the difficulty) Cobra with hold Circuit 3 V-sits Plank Finish up with some light stretches.   Simple. Now go do it. No excuses, just get it done… …why are you still sitting there? If you struggle to motivate yourself then why not find out more about what we do – we’ll happily give you a gentle kick up the bum and get you on the path to achieving your goals. Whatever you’re up to, go have an amazing weekend. Ian “drop and give...

The Bake Off Week 2 – Biscuits

Apologies for the radio silence, things have been a bit hectic recently at Chez Male and I haven’t managed many blog posts, but I promise to be better this week! And by way of a peace offering I give you…cookies! Tomorrow is biscuit week in the GBBO tent – Paul is making some overly-elaborate ones that you’d never dream of attempting but the special challenge is simply a box of biscuits. So give this one a go, a great, simple alternative which adults and kids will love, these are a huge favourite in our house! This recipe is taken from Danielle Walker’s Against All Grain book, but her website is packed full of loads of great recipes.   GBBO Week 2: Biscuits vs Real Deal Chocolate Chip Cookies   Enjoy, and don’t forget to let me know how you get on. Ian “Master-Baker” Male Personal Trainer tel: 07966844057 e: Greenwich Training Personal Training & Group Fitness in Greenwich, Blackheath and South East...

The Bake Off – How to Have You Cake & Eat It

How is it that time of year again? Tomorrow night Mary, Paul, Mel, Sue, 10 randoms and several squirrels will once again fill our tv screens with delicious but devastatingly unhealthy treats, derailing our best efforts to steer clear of cakes, biscuits and other assorted naughties. Well this year I’ve decided to try a slightly different tack. Let’s face it – we’re all going to want whatever they’re making, so rather than drain all our willpower avoiding it I’ve decided to post a relatively healthy version of whatever this year’s ragtag gaggle of bakers decide to turn their hands to each week. I’ll be scouring the internet to find the healthiest alternative, meaning you can give in to the urge without completely derailing yourselves. Now while these might be better for you than the standard fare, I do need to point out that you can’t go crazy with your portions – these are still intended as an occasional indulgence, so behave yourselves. I’m afraid I won’t have the time to bake a cake each week (we’re moving house and having a baby in the next 4 weeks!) but I encourage you to give these a try rather than just buying a store-bought cake…I reckon our Mary would approve of that sentiment at least. Here you are then, this week’s comes from across the pond – the lovely Paleo Mom… GBBO Week 1: Frosted Walnut Cake Your healthy(ish) alternative: Spice Cake with Maple-Cashew Frosting Go forth and bake, stick to one slice, and let me know how you get on. If you’ve either come up with or found a better...

My struggles…didn’t think I could post this!

Those of you who follow us on social media might’ve already seen this, but check out this video I posted yesterday. I’ve started working with a new business mentor who challenged me to post a video online talking about something personal to me, that took me out of my comfort zone. The response was actually really amazing so I thought I’d throw it out to a wider audience – have a listen and feel free to leave a comment below or share with anyone you think it might help.

Meet your worst enemy…

It’s you. During an average day we all behave like several different people – Dr Jekyll has nothing on us! The optimist – Nothing is getting in this person’s way, today is the first day of the “new you” and in a few weeks time you’ll be looking and feeling amazing, so what would you ever let get in the way of that? The diplomat – You’re still the same person, just more relaxed and a bit more fun. You can skip today’s workout and have a slice of cake but more often than not you eat well, and you’ll still reach your goals, just a little later, and have some fun along the way The realist – You’ve had enough. Why should you bother with it all? None of your friends are bothering and you don’t look too bad anyway. You’ve got a big weekend coming up so maybe you can start to tighten things up again after that… I think if we’re honest we can all relate to these personas and their state of mind. You might spend more time in one than the other, but they all come up at different points. The trick is to identify triggers or times of the day when you start to notice a shift in your emotional state. Once you’ve figured these out you can start to take steps to avoid them or get through them, meaning you’re less likely to finish each day having abandoned those good intentions you started it with. Over time these triggers will diminish or disappear as your brain forms new habits. If you’re struggling...

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