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After promising and failing to go to the gym I pay for, I put on more and more weight and couldn’t face it anymore.
I had enough of feeling awful. I needed a helping hand, to be honest with myself and someone pushing me in the right direction.
This is exactly what you get here.
Everybody is friendly and welcoming, you find that you want to go and need the accountability to commit to being ‘you but better’. This has honestly transformed how I eat and exercise and in a totally positive way. Thank you Ian and the team!! *


Having had a few bad experiences with personal trainers in the past, I duly did my research and came across Greenwich Training and decided to give it a go. I haven’t regretted the decision since, what a place! Amazing trainers who are clearly focused on helping you achieve your goals and always a great vibe in the studio. I’m on my 4th week so far and am seeing the benefits massively and I even look forward to getting up at 6 am to go! Cannot recommend enough! *


A chance introduction to Ian 6 weeks ago has resulted in a complete attitude shift to food, nutrition and exercise. Ian and his team have achieved in 6 weeks what over 20 years of slimming clubs, diets, gyms and other personal trainers have never ever done. Best thing I have ever done. *


There are lots of lovely things that I could say about Greenwich Training – the trainers are excellent, there is so much help with nutrition and mobility issues etc etc. However, perhaps the most important thing is that the GT regime works! 

I’ve been training here for about 4 months and in that time, I have lost a stone and I can see that my body is looking better. I have less of a tummy and my arms are much more toned than they used to be. I’m also confident that I can keep things going with GT and my weight loss won’t plateau. They do keep pushing you, even if you sometimes wish they wouldn’t at 7am in the morning(!)

Thank you Ian and all the team for you help – rainbows and unicorns do exist! *


They say every fat man has an excuse, the past 5 months have demonstrated that with Greenwich Training, excuses are redundant! I was in a spiral of weight gain and poor decision making, and I was embarrassed to visit a gym and frankly unconvinced it would have the necessary impact. Since taking the plunge I have been amazed at the change – I have lost 1 and a half stone, dropping 2 suit sizes and remain hugely motivated to continue the momentum. From initially being motivated to train by fear, I now genuinely look forward to my training sessions. Higher energy levels have impacted my performance at work, while the changes to my body shape have improved my confidence. *


Ian has created something wonderful here. A lovely community of people helping and supporting each other to become fitter, healthier and stronger.

As someone who is both terrified of anything gym related and about as coordinated as a drunk toddler on roller skates I really didn’t know if I’d like it here. I was a nervous wreck joining. I really didn’t think I had it in me, but in just four weeks my mind has been changed!

The trainers are amazing, really supportive and non-judgemental. The training itself is addictive, I find myself missing it on my days off. My health and strength is improving all the time. I’ve more energy, I’m happier. *


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I joined Greenwich Training 6 months before my wedding. My results have been amazing & I am so proud of the way I look in my wedding pictures.

I am not a lover of the gym & have never been particularly sporty but the GT team are truly awesome & encouraging & push me where many have failed. I have also met a great bunch of people in my classes-no gym snobs here!

The wedding may be over but my time at Greenwich Training carries on…thank you Team GT *


I started going to Greenwich Training 3 months before I found out I was pregnant, and continued training 3 times a week with them right till the end!

I can’t praise them enough for all the support and encouragement they gave me. The trainers were all fabulous, always giving me tips and advice and making appropriate modifications but still pushing me to give it my all! GT played a huge role in me having a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and post recovery. The nutrition advice was always helpful, and realistic.

Having GT in your life is like having a workout family, always held accountable, pushes you to your max and they don’t take excuses! If you put the effort in you will see results! *


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